How to raise a torsion axle trailer

  • how to raise a torsion axle trailer 5200# are about$550 ea but likely higher since I last priced them. (Now that your trailer is riding a few inches lower) We allow 3-1/2" to 4" of clearance between the Ultra-Tow Torsion Trailer Axle - 2200-Lb. Total weight is now 7500 lb, so the weight on the front axle is 5250 lb, a 250 lb reduction. I don't want to raise it that much but may have no alternative. Once loaded, the valve is reversed and the system is pressurized to raise the trailer back up to normal running height. You pull the good tire up onto Trailer Aid Plus to raise the flat tire up 5. The torsion axle assembly is part of a wheel unit for maintaining stability for the trailer during transport. Please contact your nearest AL-KO sales office for a specification sheet to assist you with your axle requirements. We prefer ramps to a jack because the space between the ground and the bottom of an RV frame rail is around two feet. Trailer Axle Raise Lower Valve Kit - Single Circuit . Remove the following components: Your current shocks, U-bolts and springs. Fast forward to 2007, and with the thought of 50 year old steel, along with the desire to raise the trailer up a little to get more ground clearance, the decision was made to replace the old HADCO axle with a new Axis 5200# straight axle, which netted a 2 1/2 ” raise in frame height. See more ideas about trailer axles, trailer, utility trailer. As for replacing the whole axle it seems the only 2" drop square galvenized axle I can find is a direct replacement EZ loader axle something like this one. Trailers either have torsion or spring axles. FWIW a friend of mine had a 36' race trailer with living quarters that had 3 5200# torsion axles, when entering driveways and parking lots it was pretty common to see at least one axle hanging free since they don't have equalizers like a spring axle has, combine that with the scrub from a triple axle setup and you would see tires leaned over Dec 21, 1999 · A torsion axle for a trailer for transporting a load such as a pontoon boat. If you are in the Market for a Torsion Axle, you are either In addition, this system offers trailer rigidity as the axle is bolted to the trailer frame. If you can get a torsion axle with the same size spindles as the one you have now, it shouldn't cost over $200 to do the swap. You notice how soft it is when you walk into the trailer. I used the wheeled hydraulic jack to gently hold the axle up to the brackets while I unbolted the brackets. The 2 types. This axle is custom built to your outside frame width at our Lubbock facility. Torsion axles add a lot of extra stress on the frame at the attachment point. Axle has a hard shell powder-coat finish to protect your axle for many years. most are welded on an hard to remove or replace. Traction treads on ramp and serrated teeth on base help prevent slipping. Please note, the capacity ratings we display are for each individual trailer spring. Overslung axles are where the spring put on top of the axle, which raises the trailer. An inner bar connects to the trailing (or torsion) arm, which torques against the rubber cords under load. The axle can be purchased with a variety of starting angles (see the dexter info already posted) or one company (flexride?) provides an axle which allows you to change the starting angle to raise or lower the trailer. Torsion Axle: Identified by the torsion spindle arm attaching the hub to the axle beam. I am still wondering why the disc brakes made it necessary to flip the axle around, when they did this, and am hoping those with trailer knowledge can enlighten me the best way to raise the trailer. 3. The axles are torsion dexters that are just welded onto a steel box frame underneath. The billet aluminum blocks are installed between the leaf spring and the trailer axle to raise or lower the ride height. SKU: RT2500-108 When building a trailer, one of the easiest ways to measure is to set the axle in place under the trailer, but don’t mount it. They are a much more smoother riding suspension than spring axles, and when deciding on your new trailer, you can choose different angles on the torsion arm to help raise or lower your trailer depending on your needs. rides decent even when empty and partially loaded. A good welding shop can do it, just make sure they get the axle allignment right with good measurement of axle position before and after. Stock# 5331389 DEXTER Tandem Torflex Torsion Axle Lift Kit raises the frame height 2-5/8". torsion trailer axles always need to be of the Nov 15, 2012 · raising a welded on torsion axle ive have done about 5 a year for the past 15--most torsion axles are bolted [side or top mount ] but a lot of manufactures just weld them on the frame . I would recommend everyone that wants to jack - check your manual. Tack on another $40 for shipping and im not even sure if its a stocked item. Trailer Aid Plus has an additional 1" lift more than the original Trailer Aid and is perfect for RV trailers and horse trailers. After lug nuts have been loosened, raise the trailer until the tire spins freely. These Axles will bolt or u bolt directly to your boat trailers frame. Re: Raising the Height of Trailer above Axle Increasing tire size to get a better load capacity is only a valid suggestion IF the axle and springs are rated for the extra load. The long metal bar has one end attached to the chassis of the vehicle and one end attached to the lever that is attached to the axle. Tandem axle trailers must be 24 ft or longer, Triple axle trailers must be 34' or longer. ) to optimize your suspension. Second, chock the wheels on the side opposite you’ll be raising up. Each order includes 2 Trailer Blocks. If you're thinking about converting Blocking horse trailers is common because of the torsion axles. always checking with the torsion rig i inspect for frame cracks so far so good All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Axles Torsion, Axles Torsion, Axles Torsion from TrailerPartsDepot. Flat trailers: When towing cars, all-terrain vehicles or general cargo, a flat-floor trailer works just fine. If you are not sure what the difference is, please read further to understand the features and benefits of both. We now use a Trailer Aid for most lifting, but when we use a jack we put it under the outer part of the axle. livestock trailer with combined 10,000 lb. I purchased a pair of brackets that were welded to the trailer frame and the axle was bolted to the brackets. Electric brakes are mounted on each of the three axles. Installation drawing used for explanation only. 6. Designed for square, 3,500-lb You could use a floor jack to raise up the trailer and then use some stabilizers such as # UF48-979004 to support the trailer. Then get an axle that can deal with the stresses. This axle also improves a horse float’s smoothness as its design negates the need for shock absorbers. Trailer Axle Tie Plate 1. See more ideas about ice houses, ice fishing house, ice fishing shack. 5) and previous (Pace 19'x7') enclosed have dual 3500# torsion axles with a 22 degree drop. And by bolting directly to the frame, a torsion axle acts as a crossmember and adds strength to the trailer frame. MODEL: Braketec. Compare that to the "loaded" angle. Overslung Axle Setup: Dec 15, 2020 · Using a tire ramp as opposed to the traditional jack makes things a lot easier. NOTE: Lift Kits cannot be used with Torflex axles produced with 3" high profile brackets. Replacing axles on an Airstream built in the mid 1960’s or earlier may require the cutout where the axle mounts to be enlarged; around ½”. By removing the wheel and situating the jack at end of the trailing arm, furthest from the spline on the axle, then jack it up. It can also keep you and the contents of the trailer safe. You may want to set them aside in case you want to place them back into your vehicle. This balance is important to maintain the correct downward force at the tongue. Length : 4" (10. One end of a long metal bar is attached firmly to the vehicle chassis; the opposite end terminates in a lever, the torsion key, mounted perpendicular to the bar, that is attached to a suspension arm, a spindle, or the axle. With the tongue weight focused over the tow vehicle’s rear axle vs. A. Independent torsion suspensions (or axles) are separate and are mounted directly to the frame, individually. (Load is both vertical and torsional. After gently lowering the trailer onto the stands, I removed the wheels. Torsion axle built with camber. Now supported by our industry leading limited axle warranty. Longer springs also help. On my Rockwood 2504s the frame is 23 inches off the ground and I'd have to go up another 3 or 4 inches to raise a wheel. Galvanized Boat Trailer Torsion Axles are ideal for most types of boat trailers. Flexiride torsion axle kit with one electric brake with fifteen inch ST20575D15C white spoke wheels and tires, a 2" ball a-frame 50° RAM coupler, and matching RAM a-frame Jack. Axles have a weight rating stating the weight limit they can sustain. Im in oklahoma. There are two 15/16" bolts holding the axle to the frame rails. The traler company covered the cost. Simple and practically maintenance free, especially when compared to spring suspension. Torsion VS Spring Trailer Axles, what is better? Both Torsion (sometimes referred to as Torflex, which is Dexter’s brand of torsion axle) and conventional spring suspensions have both been in use for a long time on cargo and utility trailers. If you are adding the torsion axles, then you are probably adding a box steel sub frame to achieve the correct ride heigth. The shocks in that picture also don't eliminate the dual axle weight distribution issue that broncowasher was describing earlier. I haven't loaded the tractor on it yet to try and level it out with pressure, but i did drive it around to try and bounce it down with no luck. A torsion axle for a trailer for transporting a load such as a pontoon boat. There are plenty of links above, but after all the trouble I've seen I don't think I'll ever willingly purchase a torsion axle trailer. Original HADCO axle – click on any image to enlarge This replacement trailing arm works with all Trailer Buddy-UFP 3750lb. capacity torsion axles. I would like to know the best way to get all four wheels off the ground at the same time to service wheels, besides rolling onto blocks to get one axle at a time. , any small steel, aluminum or homemade jack with 4" lift should work. Trailer Axles And Stability. Move the trailer axle position forward or back as needed, then verify loading. If the axle fails. Off road or unimproved road use could put the axle under undue stress. Valve only, Airbag and tanks sold separately. Torsion axle suspension on trailers was designed to provide a better ride for your trailer, but there is still room for improvement! We get customers all the time that are looking for a way to keep their trailers from shaking apart when being pulled down the road. Adjustable Trailer Torsion Axles > Item# 49144; Item #49144 is no longer available. could help you order a torsion axle to fit your needs, 888-325-1485. 050-inch aluminum. Spacers from stacking channel of the right width and then using a plate to tie them and the trailer frame togther works well over the long haul. If a tire is flat, you won’t see it. Torsion Axles - Your Completely Custom Torsion Axle - Torflex. The lift kit will raise your trailer 2. lift axle activation and movement may vary depending on the brand, configuration, and operating condition of the lift axle control system and / or other factors . Bolt the trailing arms to the spring plates ensuring the eccentric adjusting bolt is centered. It attaches directly to the trailer frame using brackets which are an integral part of the axle assembly. 63". If you have a weak jack, do one side at a time so you don't exceed its capacity. Note that the weight on the rear axle has gone up by 750 lb, so you will also get much better traction in 2wd. 69 Avion wrote: The best downward angle for a rubber torsion axle is usually around 22-24 degrees down. My current (InTech 20'x8. Also, it only has to be done once. Chocked tires will prevent trailer from rolling while brakes are disengaged during disassembly, cleaning, inspection and assembly operations. 5. Jul 12, 2019 · Ford Choosing a trailer. Torsion axle trailers are always a compromise. You are looking at custom built Torsion "half axles" which allow you to "build your own axle" use any way you want! We can also custom build the arm at different "start angles" to raise or lower your trailer floor. The average backyard mechanic can adjust the torsion bars on a Chevrolet in about 20 minutes. Measure the frame to ground dimension at the same location as step 5. Torsion axles are bolted to the trailer anyway so adjusting is pretty simple. On the exterior, a one-piece aluminum roof provides walk-on sturdiness combined with screwless outer walls constructed of . Apr 29, 2012 · Your torsion axel may be bad. ) This new hybrid axle can have almost 8 inches of wheel travel using the two suspensions. However, if the frame is not reinforced where a torsion axle mounts, it’s a sure sign of weakness. Spring Axle: Identified by the leaf springs attached to the axle tube. 2" Square (3500 lbs. TruckSpring. These will take more weight but again add more to the underside of the trailer raising the deck height considerably. hasn’t required any maintenance of the axles other than brakes and bearings. Rubber torsion responds quickly to raising and lowering the trailer. These axles are also commonly called Torsion Bar Axles by some. Only work on one side of each axle at a time. You can compress the torsion axle by use of a clamp between the frame and the axle. There is no such thing as a "stub" torsion axle. Jun 19, 2020 · Requirements of a single axle trailer . Having said that I often wonder why shock aren't the norm on all trailer axles. Tightening this bolt turns a key that twists the torsion bar. Axle Adjustment 1. How frustrating! Just a thought and something I discovered when doing my wheel bearings recently with the Tor-Flex type axles. Ultra-Tow End Units with Torsion Arms and Spindle — 2 Units, For 3,750-Lb Apr 01, 2011 · Torflex axles are virtually maintenance free. Complete with DB-35 series Disc Brake Rotor and Caliper. This will raise the trailer four inches. Trucks are getting taller and taller, this causes the fifth wheel trailers to ride with the tongue up. How to replace spring axles with torsion axles. The lift kit will raise the units frame height 2 7/8". So what is different than fixing a flat on a tandem axle? With a tandem, you can pull the good tire on the same side up on a stack of leveling blocks, or one of those crescent shaped levelers, to get the flat off the ground. It is slow, and a pain, but it can be done fairly easily and safely - it is just tedious to operate every time. 18000/8' = 2250 lb on the rear axle. Hi Gary, I have a 24-foot Keystone Zeppelin travel trailer with tandem axles. “RAISE” the trailer by adding air to the system. If you have a 6000 lb. Torsion Axles Torsion axles utilize the force of the ground pushing back up against the axle arm that is connected to a steel rod inside the beam of the axle. 88". The torsion axle (I used dexter) is easy to install. Torsion-Bar LIft Kit. There are two basic kinds of trailer spring systems: leaf springs and torsion axles. With this additional cross member, the frame is stiff and this reduces flex in cross winds and on rough roads. com Free Shipping on Caliber Product Orders over $99! Use Coupon Code: FreeShipSnow DEXTER Tandem Torflex Torsion Axle Lift Kit raises the frame height 2-5/8". Torsion vs Spring Trailer Axles. a 22. Blocking the axles will help. Raise the trailer up in the air using the jack and secure it on jack stands. Knowing how to properly jack up your dual axle trailer can save you time in an emergency situation. If the trailer starts to raise, the axle is good. Tom's Trailer Talk I used 1 1/2" stock, as I didn't want to increase my saltwater depth to include the hubs on launch/retrieve. Passenger side. All axles include spindle nuts, washers, cotter pins, and spring seats (seats need to be welded to complete installation). How to tell if a torsion axle is bad . With no suspension left in the axles you drag your trailer around and it feels every bump and gets bounced all over the road. If they are level, either the rubber is old or they were set at a bad angle from the factory. I have done this as a rigger for several trailers at various events. To raise the frame the axle is temporarily removed and extra mounting plates and full-channel risers are welded to the frame. Beam: Axle tube with a spindle at each end. • Will there be sufficient ground clearance under the axles/springs especially if the trailer is to be used on construction sites or places where the ground is rough and bumpy. Mounts easily to the desired position by splines that allow for ride height adjustment. the trailer will be made with certain degree axles for deck height. This will only work if you have tandem axles and will usually raise the other tire high enough to change flats. Optional Items A friend found a great deal on a 7’x 10 ft V-Nose cargo trailer, lowered to 78†so it will fit in the garage, torsion suspension, shorter axle + tuck the wheels under /inset into the trailer (saves about 1 ½ feet in width , 3/8th thick wall siding,etc… and electric breaks for $2,250 +all custom upgrades (about $500). Torsion suspensions used on caravans today, are very different to the original torsion beam suspensions used in automobiles. These cords are created to resist torsion and create suspension. CTW: 6486 Florin Perkins Rd. For torsion axles there is no turning them over. (I did this to mine) If you have spring axles sometimes the axle can be remounted below the spring. Flexiride Torsion Axles are non-returnable and cannot be galvanized or use any heat based coating. Oct 02, 2005 · I have a 16' tandem axle trailer and the rear axle is stuck about 6" off the ground. Jun 16, 2015 · If you have combines axles under 8,000 lb. Run with it for now. With torsion axles you can usually use a tapered block to pull the front or rear wheel onto when you have tandem axles. Dec 09, 2020 · Summing around the front axle 1000* (-4)+2000* (8)+500* (12) = 18000 lb-ft. This will raise the tire/axle you need to work on without having to use a jack. We stock the most common torsion axle sizes and offer the pest pricing . Some trailers will allow you to simply place a block between the axle and the trailer. The adjacent tire/axle is holding the trailer level. The RV will go up several inches before the axle will begin to raise. We have Axles available for many different sizes of boat trailers. Trailer Canada is a full li Flipping torsion axles?? Jump to page : 1 Now viewing page 1 [25 messages per page] Last activity 2009-04-06 4:48 AM 3 replies, 5154 views View previous thread:: View next thread Flipping the axle from underslung to overslung will raise the trailer’s center of gravity, potentially making it more sensitive to cross winds. Attach the torsion tube cantilever arm to the chassis mount near the top of the A good spot would be between the lower part of the fender and the top of the wheel rim. Fits Sno Pro, Mission And Many Other Snowmobile Trailers The Independent Torsion Suspension setup is my ideal choice. Torsion Trailer Axles Rather than relying on the traditional tensioned and sprung flat steel plates of the spring axle, torsion trailer axles take a different approach entirely. Each one in the set of 4 can support 6,000 pounds. Single-axle trailers are better for light loads, up to about A hexagonal, German-made outer axle tube houses three rubber elements that are held in place by a triple-fluted inner tube axle. Hubface, 78 1/2in. Use quality double lip seals and check the bearing adjustment every chance you get. More trouble and will raise the trailer (and boat) significantly. Fix 1: Pay a professional to take the axles off the trailer, weld a steel block to the frame, and then weld the axles to the block. The Torflex axle provides improved suspension characteristics relative to leaf spring axles through the unique arrangement of a steel torsion bar surrounded by four rubber cords encased in the main structural member of the axle beam. SKU: RT2500-108All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Axles What the heck is a "partial" torsion axle? A torsion axle provides suspension by means of a rubber buffer encased in a full length steel sleeve and requires a complete axle. $0. It's attached to the trailers undercarrige by means of dual mounting plates (one near each tire). A hexagonal, German-made outer axle tube houses three rubber elements that are held in place by a triple-fluted inner tube axle. Our trailer's manual says specifically do not jack under the frame - do it under the axle. If its a leaf spring and the axle is below the spring and attached with U-bolts; there will only be the round axle to lift by. ) It’s OK, as long as the trailer builder accommodates the added loads. - Horse Trailers change a flat tire without removing the horses from the trailer. The axles can be blocked up. It is very easy to adjust the height of an EZ Entry Torsion Axle cart. FlexiRide Adjustable Torsion Half Axles FF-200 B-2 feature 5-4. These axles do not use a spring for the suspension and are attached directly to the frame using brackets. The choice of an A-Frame Gooseneck coupler over a bumper pull will gain you additional stability. The reason for an underslung set up is to keep the trailer lower to the ground which may give it more stability. Exceeding the maximum load capacity of your trailer creates a dangerous situation in which the axles could break while you are on the road. When one end of the torsion bar is affixed to an object that cannot be moved, the other end of the bar is twisted, thus causing torque to build up. Underslung means that the spring is put under the axle. The main axle tube is welded to the trailer frame, and contains four stiff rubber cords. But an alternative is to understand the physics of raising an axle rather than lifting a trailer. Joined May 25, 2020 what is a ballpark price to replace a 5000lb torsion axle?I have a 3H alum Sooner BP and i have been blowing the RR tire on it. This kit will only work on a #11 Torflex Airstream axle with 6 lug bolt pattern starting from 1960 up to current. A second key to success is making the axles stable under the trailer. Check that- you may be able to replace the brackets or bend them back to where they belong. Sep 12, 2013 · A torsion bar is a weight-bearing suspension bar for any vehicle and is commonly used for trailers. Dexter Axle, the leading manufacturer of trailer axles and trailer brakes for over 50 years, announces the release of a lift kit option for select Torflex axles. Apr 03, 2017 · Option #1: Most of the time, the trailer’s suspension springs are on the bottom of the axles. Remove all of the tires using the tire iron. Perry at Quality Trailer Products Inc. The weight of the trailer has to be evenly spread across both axles and all four tires. Lifting the nose up puts more weight on the rear axle and vice versa. If the trailing arm continues upward without lifting the trailer, the axle has failed. With a 3500# rating "normal leaf spring" axle, you get the large 10" brakes and wheel bearings, AND you can easily change the spring rate after your finished with the trailer (loaded with liquids, battery, etc. in Holdingford, MN. However, the trailer will now sit three inches higher off the ground, so it can be more difficult to enter. 7. Do not unbolt the axles completely from the trailer at any time or drop the axles completely to the floor. The vertical motion of the wheel causes the torsion bar to twist around the axis and is resisted by the torsion. No metal springs of any type are used; rather, a series of long rubber cords are situated inside a square tube with an inner core piece that the torsion arms are Torsion axles will eliminate metal to metal contact in the suspension system and reduce wear. Lifting the trailer by any part of the axle will bend the axle and replacement of the axle will be needed. If the trailer does not meet the weight requirements you can always raise the trailers capacity by either changing the springs or the axles. i would be carring probably no more than 2000 pounds depending on how Jul 22, 2017 · I have heard of blocking the axles on the trailer, because my BIL did this with a 4-horse after he bought a Dodge Ram 3500 dually 4x4. 2000-3000 pound axle. the torsion axles trailer. Mar 23, 2011 · THE PROBLEM FIRST: (those who know the broken torsion axle problem, skip ahead)Was backing my boat up the driveway last night and suddenly the right side locked up. The procedure was repeated for the other Expert Reply: We have two lift kit options for Dexter Axles. Every Lippert Components travel trailer, fifth-wheel, equestrian trailer and utility trailer axles boasts an impressive list of standard features including robotic welds, waterproof connectors on wiring and black powder coating. Essentially, it's just a rod that can twist, which will rotate the arm up and down. Not only is it easy and fast to install, torsion bars are maintenance free, noise free, and durable. OK, one more thing to check before looking at trailer adjustment. Since they do not have equalizers like a spring tandemit is possible to overload the rear axle if towing tongue high or the front axle if towing tongue low. If your planning on using the trailer for a long time, it would be a wise investment. Jul 12, 2010 · The axle was not designed to be flipped. Axle riser kit adds 3-1/2" of clearance for your torsion axle-equipped trailer. <br /><br />If you don't carry a jack that's capable of lifting the axle of your trailer for a roadside tire change, this is the perfect time to discover the problem, go buy one, and practice with it. Once the axle raises a little, stack the 2-by-6-inch planks under the axle, let off on the jack to transfer the weight to the planks, reposition the jack, raise everything again and keep repeating until the axle has been raised enough accept the jack. Support the trailer frame on a level surface. “LOWER” the trailer by exhausting air from the air suspension. A utility trailer's weight capacity is limited by its axle rating. 4-Hole Brake flange is attached. Torsion suspension load capacity normally maxes out at 5500# towing capacity as a tandem setup, but due to the independent nature of the suspension and the way it is mounted on the trailer, axle load sharing is non-existent which can stress the chassis considerably. The Ultra-Tow™ torsion trailer axle has an independent suspension for a smooth, quiet ride. Underslung axles are the most common type of axle set up on trailers. Foremost to the RideLite’s lightweight design is its noncaptured axle, an economical feature that allows for axle replacement, if necessary, while the suspension is preserved and reattached to the new axle. The specifications for the tongue & chain on a 10’ trailer do not meet the requirements that of a 12’ & up trailer. Road shocks are dampened through compression of these rubber elements via suspension movement between full bump and rebound, allowing the system to withstand three times its rating in shock load. Replacing the axles is $1100 and up depending on the axle capacity. The torsion axle is assembled to have two pairs of resilient elements and an elongated shaft housed between inner and outer elongated sections. Clamp it in place, then measure as above. I think they had a bad batch of axels around that time. Just remove the cover, pull the pin, AlKo torsion axle under Rockwood 1260 XL tent trailer. Torsion axle suspensions enhance trailer control, towing, and stability compared to traditional leaf springs. Expert Reply: There is a solution for you, but the lift kits you referred to such as # K71-725-02 will not work with welded on torsion axles. Otherwise you will burn out bearings on the loaded axle(s). With 17 service bays for truck and trailer repair, we install the truck parts we sell. com Perfect for pontoon boat, snowmobile, and smaller camper trailers. Torsion suspension load capacity normally maxes out at 2500kg towing capacity as a tandem setup, but due to the independent nature of the suspension and the way it is mounted on the trailer, axle load sharing is non-existent which can stress the chassis considerably. leaf or slipper spring or torsion axles, choose a medium. rated trailer axle with two springs, you will use two 3000 lb. The only way to adjust toe on a trailer is to bend the axle, which is not recommended by trailer axle manufacturers. I had a 2007 tandum axel trailer and had to have both axels replaced as the rubber in the torsion axels gave out. 2,000 lb. The triple-axle trailer features a spread axle design and uses 7,000-pound Dexter torsion axles. With a tire ramp, you don’t have to raise both wheels. First, do your utmost to do your lifting operations on solid, level ground. There are 12 volt battery powered winches to raise and lower the stage door and the roll out awning over the stage is also battery operated. For some reason, FloatOn decided I only needed two bolts through the outside portion of my I-beam to mount to the torsion axle mounting bracket (which btw, has four slotted holes). 5" hub pattern. Aug 27, 2014 · A simple rule of thumb is to have 2,000 pounds extra to account for fuel and tackle. Air axles typically have more axle travel (5 inch) verses torsion axles (2-3 inch. Worked fine for a long time. They flex a lot more to keep all the axles on the pavement all the time. Torsion SuspensionTorsion suspension is basically a swing arm style axle that pivots within a rubber or elastomer enclosure. LMJD has it right. It's possible the fenders or fender brackets are bent from being stepped on by a large person. Trucks are getting taller and taller, this May 09, 2018 · Torsion. The torsion bar suspension has become popular in Chevy's 4WD truck line, in which the switch to independent front suspension (IFS) leaves little room for a standard coil spring. That said, there are zero suspension parts to wear out and they ride 100x better than a straight axle. Spring rates of torsion bars are determined by a bar's overall diameter, length, and material composition (usually steel alloy). 00. Which ever system you decide on do a dry run at home. Raise a floor jack underneath the axle to hold the weight of the axle as suspension components are removed. 5 feet wide, and 8 foot long. Excessive toe usually is due to a spindle bent from an impact. Jun 19, 2004 · I've ordered axles that were as much as 22degrees up or down, which can raise or lower a trailer frame as much as 10 inches. L, 60in. This strengthens the frame and is a good place to use a bottle jack. USA. if lift axle is operated by an automatic or semi-automatic lift axle control system, such system may cause lift axle to automatically raise or lower under different conditions . Replacing your Axle Lift the trailer up and see what the angle of the arms are. May 19, 2016 · The first step in our trailer suspension replacement was to jack up the trailer and remove the two axles. Measure the frame to ground dimension and record. Overslung Axle Setup: Jun 24, 2017 · Torsion axles provide the suspension for the trailer (most Airstreams also use shock absorbers to reduce bounce). If you’re stuck on a gravel road, see if you can “dig down” to solid ground to seat the jack. Torsion Axle, 38" Hf, 22. We had just done a fabulous trailer disc brake conversion eight months earlier, and this was the THIRD time the hydraulic lines had been tampered with due to removing the axles or the belly pan from the frame. If you lift a tire from even the axle right next to the mount you will end up lifting both tires and that is a lot of wt. 2x6 hunk on the ground, scissors jack from a wrecked car at the local wrecking yard setting on top of the 2x6, and then a hunk of 2x4 between the jack and the main frame, rearward of the axle. A torsion bar works by resisting the torque placed on it. With normal trailers you can watch the trailer axles with your mirrors and see the axle hop. I guess I could also just install a taller box to the frame underneath and permanently raise the whole trailer. 2-3/8" Diameter x 3/16" wall round tube, black painted finish, cambered design trailer axle. Jul 25, 2010 · To determine if the axle is failing, do a jack test. Kodiak Hydraulic Disc Brake Axle that will accept 10" wheels and tires. When working on one side of an axle, leave the two Jan 23, 2017 · I've heard that when you need to change a tire on a trailer with Torsion Axles you need to place your jack under the frame and not the axle. The axle mounting cutouts on Airstream trailers are designed to accept torsion axles that have #10 or #11 tubes depending on the weight rating of the trailer. (Not likely as many horse trailers have the torsion axles for a smooth ride) Rubber torsion axles work well with drive-on jacks such as TrailerAide. Change a flat on your tandem wheel trailer without a jack! Back or pull the good tire onto Trailer-Aid to raise the flat tire for changing. If your goal is to raise an axle far enough to change a tire or service a hub, you can raise it by first supporting your rig by PROPERLY using your leveling system, THEN lifting your axle under the axle attachment hardware with a jack (tow vehicle jack Oct 27, 2017 · The "torsion" spring is inside the horizontal part of the axle that extends from side to side under the trailer. Torsion bushings control movement from the Torsion Bar and Torsion Arm. Doubles as a wheel chock. For the price, it is the most durable and versatile solution. You don’t have to worry about the weight of the trailer and you won’t need to put elbow grease into raising the trailer. If you launch or tow on steep or uneven terrain I prefer leaf springs. May 02, 1995 · A torsion axle adapted for use on a trailer or other vehicle, comprising an elongated axle tube having a center axis, means for mounting on the vehicle and supporting said axle tube for rotation relative to the vehicle, a torsion shaft disposed within said axle tube, a plurality of rubber-like resilient rods confining said torsion shaft with Trailer Air Suspensions RideLite meets the needs of today’s weight-conscious fleets. A torsion axel trailer low in the back is loading the rear axel more than the front axel. Torsion suspension systems are somewhat more costly, on average, than leaf-spring setups. A specific amount of weight on the trailer's tongue helps to maintain the connection to the vehicle's hitch. Worked sweet, and I didn't have to spend a million little hand pumps trying to get a bottle jack to raise the camper enough. Jul 22, 2017 · I have heard of blocking the axles on the trailer, because my BIL did this with a 4-horse after he bought a Dodge Ram 3500 dually 4x4. Feb 05, 2015 · One big disadvantage to a molded rubber torsion spring axle is that "after the axle is custom made", you cannot change the spring rate. but i would need the pivot point in the back of the trailer instead of the front of it like they have and the winch in the back to lower and raise it that way i can keep the trailer hooked to the truck. Just remove the cover, pull the pin, set the axle where you want it and replace the pin. Flagstaff's Classic, High Wall, and T-Series use a torsion-bar axle that mounts directs to the frame (the suspension is provided by the torsion action inside the axle). A trailer has to be level. Oct 26, 2016 · Short answer is found in the owner's manual. This system is less likely to corrode as each torsion axle tube is galvanized inside and out and there is no metal-to-metal contact. See full list on mechanicalelements. But your right. It has fewer moving parts and each wheel moves independently. Sacramento, CA 95828 (916) 381-7619. If the trailer is not level, the axels don't share the load equally. This kit is designed to be used with a #10 Dexter Torflex torsion axle mounted with the side mount system and not on top mounted axles. 3500 lb. I pulled close to 19K,not sure on the exact weight, but with 2 trucks one weighing 6600lbs, the other around 5500lbs and the trailer at 6600lbs, loaded with spares and enough stuff for 4 days wheeling, I like the torsion axles, rides better, handled the weight better. Apr 26, 2020 - Explore Chris Kinney's board "trailer axles" on Pinterest. This can give you almost three extra inches of clearance, depending on how the axle box is constructed. ) EZ-Loader Drop Axle #02-4287-10 Its $275 though and its just the axle. The tire is also showing weird wear on the inside. Lift Kit for Dexter Torsion Axles Preferred Lift kit for Airstream or Argosy travel trailers equipped with Dexter Torsion Axles. My 24' Pace trailer has torsions on it. In fact,raising the wheel, pulling the dust caps and lubing the axle can get combined with a quick bearing check/adjustment and you're good to go. Sep 7, 2018 - Explore Giving love back's board "Trailer axles" on Pinterest. This allows the trailer deck height to be as low a possible which helps with load/unloading. For a very cheap cost, you can ‘flip’ the axle, placing the springs on top of the axle. Installing larger tires can increase payload and ground clearance. axle system is now the benchmark for fully independent trailer suspension. May 02, 2017 · Moving the axle under the springs will increase that measure another 85mm. In order for you to realize more clearance under your trailer, using torsion axles with down degree angles will give you more clearance. It didn't take much jacking to get the tires off the ground - torsion suspension doesn't droop as much as I thought it would. With this added cushioning, you will have less cargo movement. It can be done, but the C of G of the trailer will be raised which will affect stability, plus whether the trailer is a step-up or ramp, will make it taller for the horse to get on or off. Torsion-arm axles bolt to the trailer frame, making installation and replacement simpler. Jan 09, 2018 · You cannot increase the load weight on the 10’ trailer by upgrading the axle & upgrading the tires. I've had both and my comment on torsion axles on multi axle trailers is you better make sure the trailer is as level as possible when towing. 5" for changing. 5" Sq Axles Zinc Plated, 3/8" Dia. DETAILS: Trailer Axle Raise Lower Valve Kit - Single Circuit. Flexiride® Rubber Torsion Axle Hub patterns available: 4-4", and 5-4. ive considered that deign for my trailer. Need parts for a truck suspension or help replacing trailer brakes - call us at 1-800-358-4751. The aluminum frame makes this trailer extremely light for its size and with the tandem 7,000 pound torsion axles it can accommodate a nearly 10,000 pound payload. I don't know what angle yours had originally, but if you knew that you would be able to determine if it is riding low because of the old rubber in the axle. I'm not sure if this would throw all the design parameters out of whack but it would require the loading ramps to be a bit steeper when deployed. Raising the fenders may interfere with vehicle doors or may protrude over the top of the trailer sides. Load capacity (GVWR) or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is a combination of spring capacity, tire capacity, and axle capacity. We have the Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-7/8" Lift # K71-724-02 for number 11 axles or # K71-725-02 for number 12 axles. 10. **Remember, when upgrading to torsion axles from leaf springs, plan on raising your boat trailer fenders up a few inches to give your trailer tires the clearance they need. Remove wheels/tires. I jumped out to find the rear axle tire pushing into the front axle tire on the right side, and buried into the fender --- the spind referring to a torsion axle, unless it is an adjustable (which seems pretty rare anymore)axle . This extra torque applies more force to the control arm, raising the vehicle to the desired height. Fits Hoosier Bx Pontoon Trailers. Includes lug nuts. the clearance is needed for those unimproved roads. If you want to increase your trailer’s ability to handle uneven terrain or withstand the rigours of corrugated roads, a rubber torsion axle (pictured) is about as good as it gets. These torsion trailer axles are priced fairly and sold by leading suppliers and wholesalers at discounted prices. A torsion bar suspension, also known as a torsion spring suspension, is any vehicle suspension that uses a torsion bar as its main weight-bearing spring. The ONE difference is that the height of the axle tube itself is not raised, though everything else on the trailer is. 4. on the axle at that point since they act a lot different than the spring based axles where generally one tire will stay on the ground when you lift the other axle. I'm figuring worse case senerio is a bent axle and was wondering what the ballpark on that repair would be. Caravan torsional suspensions have an outer main axle that is stationary and is bolted or welded to the chassis. When installing, the open side of the reinforced channel faces inward towards the center of the trailer, and then bolts directly to the chassis and axle. If you already have a trailer you can check the GVWR by the registration or bill of sale. Casita owners can increase their tire size to 15" with our proprietary bolt-on axle lift kit. Tire problems usually result. While some automakers like torsion bars because they're less expensive to produce, the main appeal is their compact dimensions which allow more room for drive axles and other suspension components in tight spaces. This hydraulic jack uses strong and sturdy materials to protect itself from the tension and force produced by lifting a heavy vehicle up. If the trailer starts to raise the axle is good. 9. Torsion axles are also bolted or welded directly to the trailer frame, which adds stability and structure to the trailer frame. com Jun 16, 2015 · The might have replacement axles at the shop and you could pick them up to have them installed locally, or install them yourself. Was thinking of going to a torsion axle this time old axle is 3 1/2 drop but I do need to raise boat away from tires so if I go with a straight torsion axle will it raise the boat from the tires 3 1/2" or will it be higher? Axle now is on top of springs and I will weigh boat and trailer first before buying axle. I first did it with blocks and longer u bolts. Goosenecks before 2000 might not clear today’s taller truck beds and still be level. The complete assembly is ready to be bolted on to existing torsion axle with mounting bolt (included). Riser channels install between axle and trailer frame to increase deck ride height. 1000# Capacity Torsion half axle (2000# Per pair). I personally prefer the torsion axle over standard just because of the maintenance. but the height will still vary on make and such. if you cant use a grinder use acutting torch and grind smooth before Torsion axles are extremely unbalanced towards the rear of the trailer when they are being handled. This video will show you how to properly measure a torsion axle. As load is applied to the axle the torsion arm turns within the rubber causing the rubber to compress on Adjusting torsion axles can be done, but you loose suspension travel. 5 degree will put the torsion arm at about 10 oclock if i remember right. 2k Dexter Trailer Axle - 2000 lb Idler 4 lug If you have a torsion type of axle then it may require jacking the side of the trailer till the torsion springs lifts the flat tire. As the good tire climbs the ramp, the flat tire also elevates off the ground. 5" Fc, 25" Out Bracket 2500# Capacity, Painted. 5" Price with hubs: - 2,000 lb. R. which allows the trailer to be lowered several inches to facilitate loading or leveling. With 5 Lug Ez Lube Hubs. But they cost more and as you're finding out, the ride height changes much more drastically with more loading than a straight axle trailer does. May 11, 2016 · A trailer is raised for wheel removal differently than a car/truck. Once it was up, I slid the jack stands around behind the wheels where the axle is closest to the frame. I use an 8 ton bottle jack all the time for brake and wheel bearing maintenance. 44 CM) wide leaf springs. Too much weight and you will lift the front Jul 08, 2015 · You’ve decided to buy a trailer and want one with an A-Frame Gooseneck Coupler. With most horse trailers today being equipped with rubber torsion axles, weight shifts from one axle to another rather quickly when raising or lowering the nose See full list on mechanicalelements. Double check that the trailer is solidly on the stands prior to crawling underneath it. 96 inches. i want the trailer to be 5. Loosen wheel lug nuts before raising the trailer to prevent tire from spinning during lug nut removal. Note: This lift kit can not be used with 3" tall brackets. It is made of spring steel, which wants to return to it's "untwisted" position anytime force is removed from it. raising I had to raise my trailer 6 inches. See more ideas about trailer, trailer axles, utility trailer. The torsion arm should travel upward with a load and max out at about level which gives it the maximum leverage. A sophisticated axle with premium stopping power. With over 15 million produced around the world for caravans and trailers, the AL-KO I. They do not rely on the actual deflection or twist of the metal axle. On a system that has a 10 degree up axle, the center line of the spindle to the bottom of the trailer frame is approximately . Dexter does offer a 5 year warranty as well on these axles. Determine the rating of your trailer axle and then select the capacity of your springs. This will lift the trailer around 3″-4″. Measure the distance from the base of the bolt head to its mating surface as a reference point. 5 inch bolt circle hubs and are designed for small trailers and trailers that need a low center of gravity at the center of the frame. Always check the tire pressure on all tires. Does not work on when 80" frame is required (torsion and 8k axles) Ramps are made from channel construction; Available with a straight, 2 foot, or 4 foot dovetail; Ramps rated 6,500 lbs each; Available on: B8 & C8 (see length rules above) and B6 & CC (24 . S. Put the trailer-tire-changing jack you carry with you while travelling under the axle (s), crank it up in the air, and put a pair of jackstands under the axle (s). And we have torsion axles. ((im not sure they are 5000lb axles, might be 3500)) thanks! If an axle has excessive toe, it is impossible to align the axle so that acceptable tire wear is obtained. Torsion Axle 78"Hf, 57" Outside Bracket 3500#, 3" High Profile Inboard. What's a Torsion axle? Cheyenne camping Center has produced this video to demonstrate the Torflex© axle providing independent wheel suspension and self-dampe Welcome to Trailer Canada's how to measure a torsion axle video. The best option is for you to simply remove your torsion axles and use the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # TASR5200S03, which is rated for 5,200 lbs and has a 4" lift spindle. As mentioned have fun fixing a flat on a single axle trailer. This will lift your trailer by that specified amount by raising your trailer frame. I jacked up the front near the A-frame hitch and removed the wheels. 8. Feb 19, 2015 · For shocks to have a benefit the "spring" (or elastomer in the case of a torsion axle) has to deform, torsion or spring axle. When you buy any old trailer the old axles often still work, but they don't work as they were designed. 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Fits 1-3/4" (4. Bolt the trailing arm to the torsion tube. Torsion axle comes with stainless steel wear sleeves and Fast Lube quick-change removable spindles, saving you time and money should you ever damage your axle. Fully assembled with hubs, bearings and seals mounted. By blocking the axles, I could level the trailer but it increased the step up and step height for the horses to get in and out of the trailer. Many trailer owners have found that the standard 14" tires are becoming more difficult to source as passenger vehicles have tended towards larger tires over the years. with the weight the trailer barely moved, but rode smooth. There we show how Torsion Axles naturally cause higher stress, so imagine that doubled! It’s not a good idea — especially when you can accomplish almost the same damping with a hybrid system as shown above. When this happens, the torsion bar is resistant to the torque and will quickly go back to its starting position once the torque is removed. rated trailer springs or higher. BUT--Finally sheared the bolts that go thru the springs and one axle shifted and caused some problems. the back of the frame, the potential for the trailer to sway is reduced. Axles are rated at various capacities from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds. If you raise the coupler too much, then the trailer sits at an angle with all the weight on the rear tires instead of being equal. Some folks with the ramp type found at their dismay the flat tire never came off the ground. Oct 19, 2009 · Put the fixed jacks under the longitudinal frames just behind the axle attachment point. com specializes in truck parts for light duty pickup trucks to heavy duty semi-trucks and trailers. my gooseneck was leaf spring it was a constant upkeep game, u bolts stretching or working loose. Home » FlexiRide Trailer Suspension » Rubber Torsion Half Axle Rubber Torsion Half Axle Half Axle systems are the most common setups when dealing with the Flexiride Suspension and will give you the perfect opportunity to ensure that your trailer stays at the proper height regardless of what and where you are transporting. Since the actual weight is so much more than planned, how about the frame and coupler? Will they handle the weight? Regular boat trailer leaf springs last two or three years on average. 44 CM) Height : Select on dropdown menu Since each tire and axle is rated to sustain up to a specific maximum weight, any weight over that specific weight will overload the tire and result in a blow-out or a broken axle. hopefully the welds can be ground off with a cutting wheel [dont cut the bracket off the axle cut the bracket off then frame on both sides . Be cautious about how much you raise the trailer, as the step down for your horses can be a problem if too high, with the potential for a back leg to slip under the trailer if the surface is slick. Thick gravel can cause a jack to slip, which could end up in injury or damage. If your trailer travels securely on the road at all times, flipping the axles will not be a cause for concern. Trailer Aid Plus is the fast, safe and easy way to change a trailer tire on a tandem wheeled trailer. Capacity Round Tube 4" Drop Axles. I would say most equipment trailers have spring axels. While you can use a heavy-duty jack designed to lift the tonnage of your dual axle trailer, there are tools and methods that will make the job easier, quicker No experience with boat trailer, but since its tandem; a trick with RVs and even semi trailers is to run one side of one wheel up and onto a block, and the other wheel on that side may lift up off the ground. If you are proficient with a welder and know suspension systems, installing torsion axles is a project that will drastically improve your towing experience. AL-KO IRS Axle Overview. High strength polymer. Only available with a 5-4. The position of the axles on a trailer is key to properly balancing the load. NOTE: NEVER jack up or lift your trailer by the axle!!! Place the jack on the frame behind the axle as close to the mounting bracket as you can. No experience with boat trailer, but since its tandem; a trick with RVs and even semi trailers is to run one side of one wheel up and onto a block, and the other wheel on that side may lift up off the ground. Jun 21, 2016 · And often that is because the rear bearing is worn or way out of adjustment. These torsion trailer axles are durable and last for a long time, simultaneously improving the performances and aids in a smooth journey. If the wheels are already mounted, make sure they are clear of the Jul 25, 2020 · There are numerous benefits to a torsion suspension system, but for the sake of the Bambi and Caravel comparison, we'll keep it to the fact that the Caravel includes shock absorbers for an even smoother towing experience. This is a crappy photo (I just cropped it out of a larger shot) of my normal axle with a spacer about 1" higher than a "genuine" Hi-Lift axle, but it illustrates the "lift" it produced. The single axle trailers require a single axle tire chock and a hydraulic jack such as the Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton which is a strong hydraulic bottle jack. 16 CM) Width : 1-3/4" (4. This includes gooseneck trailers. The front axle, of course, is in contact with the ground but the rear is up. Capacity, with Hi-Rise Brackets, 3in. Set landing gear so that the trailer is level and place wheel chocks at tires. Holes All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Axles Torsion, Axles Torsion 2. The axle owner’s manual says not to jack […] May 25, 2020 · Is it a torsion axle setup? If so, maybe you can raise the trailer a little by adjusting it a spline or two? May 25, 2020 #3 Detox Don Member. Location to bolt on square tubing for a lift kit Nov 23, 2020 · Torsion axles mount directly to the trailer’s frame and are made up of thick rubber cords concealed inside the axle’s tubing. Above Axle Tube, 45° Down Start Angle, 73 1/2in. Increases ride by 2. So which is better, torsion or spring axles? When it comes to selecting the axles for your trailer, and making the decision between spring and torsion it can be a challenging task. On most larger trailers, this is already done from the factory. My first trailer flat ever. While a car/truck is jacked up at the axle, a trailer is jacked up at the frame rail. Part Number: ABT-EASV3115 Fits Dexter Torflex #10 axles. it depends on what you are looking at. Trailers don’t generally come stock with the torsion axle, but it is an available upgrade in many models. For a tall, wide or large bumper-pull 3 or 4 horse or a 16 ft. When both torsion bars have been replaced, raise the torsion tube assembly into position using the floor jack. 63", for one axle. Mar 03, 2004 · If it is a torsion axle, then it has rubber inside it, and cutting and welding would do more harm than goodIf you decide to cut it apart, the best thing would be to grind the welds down, then try to break them loose with a hammer and chiselAs for it coming unsprung, I don't think it will, but not 100% on thatMy trailer has torsion axles, but I've never taken them apart Dec 7, 2017 - Explore Dianne Dangel's board "diy drop down axles for ice house" on Pinterest. how to raise a torsion axle trailer

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